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Who are the Maidens of the Otherworld?

Maidens of the Otherworld is a Fantasy Art collection by fine art photographer and digital artist, Catherine Somerlot. Beginning in early 2005, Catherine utilized her rich background in photography and digital photo-editing to embark on a journey of creation that led her into another realm. With an interest in Celtic & Medieval history, culture, and legend, Catherine wanted to capture the spirit of these magical worlds in her own art. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau, medieval literature & music, and the oral story-telling tradition of the Celts, a vivid world of fantasy materialized to delight the spirit of the artist. Catherine now brings the entire collection together for all the world to enjoy.

What is the Otherworld?

The Otherworld is what the ancient Celts believed to be a realm on the same plane as our own, accessible to curious minds only at certain times of the year when the veils between the worlds are thin. It is also thought to be where faeries dwell...joyful, sometimes mischievous creatures that occasionally enter our world from their subterranean homes in caves and under hills. This series captures an array of otherworldly maidens & fey folk who, if you look closely enough, can be seen faintly through the mists...


Much of the work in this gallery would not have been possible without the generous, and talented, deviantART stock artists whose work I made frequent use of. Below is a list of all the stock artists whose stock can be found in this collection:


Brushes & Accessories:

All artists were generous enough to grant me permission to use their stock in my artwork and to display and sell this artwork in both online and offline outlets.

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